On the Set

Mob Movie "Boys" Filmed in Hayes

Here lies the Official Hayes Tavern page for this exciting new flick!  When given many choices of Taverns in New England, Award Winning Director Daryl C. Silva chose Hayes.  When recently asked, Mr. Silva said “I chose Hayes cause to me it looked like the kind of place where people would hang out for hours, have a few drinks and get their minds off of the everyday grind.”  Mr. Silva makes it a point to visit every now and then while in town.  Since filming initial shots for “BOYS” at Hayes, Owner Daniel Laratonda proudly became one of the film’s Executive Producers.  Hayes enjoyed Celebrating The Big Premier of this soon to be cult classic on March 31st 2011 at O’Neil Cinemas in Londonderry, NH!  Several Sold Out Screenings followed all around New England!  Since that time, “Boys” has Picked up Awards for “Best Film” & “Best Director” @ Film Festivals in both Beverly Hills & New York City!  Stay Tuned for More Exciting News!